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    SSL termination at OHS in 8.52 PT causes HTTPS --> HTTP conversion


      Hi All,


      We have our recently tried to upgrade PT 8,49.23 to 8.52.16. We got a problem with https connection request getting converted to http which in turn causes content blocked issues.


      We do have OHS on top of portal web logic. So when we an user hits production url it will be routed to Load balancer to OHS then to portal web logic.

      Also SSL offloading is currently happening at OHS.

      Does 8.52 expect SSL offloading to be done at web logic level when we use OHS as front end for reverse proxy?


      In our 8,49 production set up also SSL offloading was happening at OHS. There were no issues. But only in 8.52 we started facing this issue. So is it mandatory to enable to SSL option at OHS?or

      will it be any other reason for this behavior?