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    Attrition Report and Analysis


      Hi All,


        I am new to HRMS. I have a Requirement to build Attrition Report and Analysis a report. How many joinees,resinees,transferout,transfer in and redundnacies per month. The report should shoulddispaly month wise.


      How to build this report. If any one worked similar requirement. Please guide me or post details.

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          Vigneswar Battu



          There is a table per_periods_of_service which stores all the information on Hire/Termination dates.

          Join this with per_all_people_f, per_all_assignments_f, per_jobs, Hr_all_organization_units to build your SQL.


          Let us know if you face any difficulty building it.




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            Dear Vignesh,



            Thanks for your prompt replay, I tried but i didn't get the details exactly. My report should display like below.



                                JAN     FEB     MAR     APR     MAY     JUN     JUL     AUG     SEP     OCT     NOV     DEC


            Staff              103      104     104          105     107     107     115

            Joinees          1                    1            2                    8

            Resigness                    1                    6          1                    2

            Transfer in




            Please give me idea through sql is it possible.

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              Vigneswar Battu

              If you need such a complex matrix, then Sql alone might not get you the output.

              You need to do it using Pl/Sql or BI.

              But the logic would be the same... you will find all the details in the tables I detailed earlier.