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    Apex Listener implementation question



      I have couple of questions regarding the AL implementation (more like capacity planning)


      1.Among the options available to deploy AL (OC4J, Glassfish, weblogic) which in your experience takes up the most footprint in terms of cpu and memory usage.

      2.  I was told by one of the DBAs here that Apex Listener implementation is more resource intensive (on the application server side) as opposed to modplsql implementation. He is of the opinion that modplsql implementation just passes the authentication details to the database server and most of the logic to handle the apex application is done on the database server and hence database server had to be beefy for the modplsql implementation. In case of AL implementation, he is of the opinion that some of the processing has shifted from database server to application server and application server has to be more beefy.


      Is this true? Have any of you experienced similar change of behavior when shifting from modplsql to AL. Similar information is given in Dimitri Gielis blog but that is more on how AL is better or atleast equal in performance to modplsql (https) implementation and data related to  performance from a different point of view.



      THank you