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    Unable to process payload greater than 20MB


      We have a SOA system,in which a third party system hits the end point URI exposed by proxy service in OSB. Initially it holds good for 10MB of payload size.


      After a while we need to process payloads greater than 10MB. In such situation we did some configuration changes on server side as mentioned below

      servers-->soa_server1-->protocols-->maximum Message Size = 20000000(20MB)

      servers-->osb_server1-->protocols-->maximum Message Size = 20000000. (20MB)

      It works well and good for payload size upto 20MB.

      Now we are in a situation to process payload size greater than 20MB. For eg. some 25MB we again changed the above parameters values

      servers-->soa_server1-->protocols-->maximum Message Size = 30000000(30MB)

      servers-->osb_server1-->protocols-->maximum Message Size = 30000000. (30MB)

      When we hit the end point URI with third party system using payload size greater than 20MB, it throws java.net.SocketTimeoutException:Read Time out

      Kindly suggest


      Ganesh S