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    Unable to get the correct Import Status through FDM Event Script


      Hi everyone out there,


      I am using the below script in the AftImportFile event which is taken from Accelerators Get 1 - Import Status


      Dim lngStateImport

      Dim ImpMsg


      'Initalize Process State to test (See enmProcessState)

      lngStateImport = 1


      With API.MaintenanceMgr.fProcessStatus(API.POVMgr.PPOVLocation, API.POVMgr.PPOVCategory, API.POVMgr.PPOVPeriod)


      If .lngStatus = lngStateImport Then

      ImpMsg = Now() & " - Import Successful"



      ImpMsg = Now() & " - Import Failed"


      End If

      End With


      I am getting only Import Failed as Status.

      The lngStatus display only 0 in case of both Successful and Failed status.

      It should dislplay 1 for Success and 2 for Failure.

      The same script show the correct status numeric value for Validate, Export and Load stages


      Need help guys on this! thanksssssss!