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    4.0EA1 - Where Is The DataModeler Naming Standard Preference


      I was working with SD 4.0EA1 for a while to try out some new features of SDDM 4.0 and noticed that the Naming Standard Preference was missing.  I was able to go back to SDDM 3.3 and make changes to the templates to try to match names created by Engineering To Relational to our naming standards.  I figured it would come back in SDDM 4.0EA1 but it is still missing.  Where have the templates moved in SDDM 4.0EA1?  I know it is using them but how do I change them?  Are they not implemented yet?  I noticed in new features this statement:

      Design level preferences are moved to design dialog


      How do I get to this design dialog?


      Marcus Bacon