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    After installed DMO of Campus, installing SYS , data mover don't show PeopleSoft HRCS Database


      Hello  every one, I've made the installation of PeopleSoft Campus (DMO) instance and it's running right now. After that I began the installation of the SYS instance, using the same servers: Oracle Linux (database), Oracle Linux (Application Server), Windows Server (1 machine) for Installation & Crystal Reports.

      I created a new database named HRMS9SYS without errors.

      Now its time to work with Data Mover. The first task is to use de database Wizard.

      Select target database ORACLE

      database type    UNICODE

      character set AL32UTF8

      And in the next step Peoplesoft Applications to Add

      I can only see People Tools System Database US-English


      ¿Can someone explain why there is not PeopleSoft HRCS Database - English and PeopleSoft HRCS Database - Spanish?

      Theese are the same files with wich I installed the DMO instance...