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    Oracle Database 11gR1 32-bit upgrade to 11gr2 64-bit


      Hello All,


      My current server is having following configuration:


      OS               : RHEL 4.6 32 bit

      Product         : Oracle EBS 11i

      DB               : 11gR1


      Target machine:


      OS               : RHEL 5.8 64 bit


      I want to convert my current single node EBS 11i to multi-node (two node) architecture. We have to migrate our 11gR1 over 64 bit machine.


      I was trying to create create a 32 bit instance over new target server through rapid clone. But it is not supported to install 32 bit 11g over 64 bit OS, so I am now taking new path to do the same, trying to upgrade 11gR1 32 bit database directly to 11gr2 64 bit. Please suggest me appropriate procedure to perform it. Any Oracle Document over the same would be wonderful. I tried to search over Metalink but with no success.


      Kindly share your experience if anyone here performed the same or similar.