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    best way to run utlrp.sql  during the upgrade.




      We are in the process of preparing the upgrade document for to on AIX machine. As per the Document, we can use


      "utlrp.sql n" to reduce the CPU usage.  where n is "NO.of CPUS-1". Is there any practical problems with this. Has any body experienced?





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          did not used utlrp with the value for cpu count, but if you check in the file(utlprp.sql). it say will pick the value from cpu_count from the parameter ,

          ------- ---------------- ------------------

          Rem    INPUTS

          Rem      The degree of parallelism for recompilation can be controlled by

          Rem      providing a parameter to this script. If this parameter is 0 or

          Rem      NULL, UTL_RECOMP will automatically determine the appropriate

          Rem      level of parallelism based on Oracle parameters cpu_count and

          Rem      parallel_threads_per_cpu. If the parameter is 1, sequential

          Rem      recompilation is used. Please see the documentation for package

          Rem      UTL_RECOMP for more details.

          --------------------- ---------------------



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            You can run utlrp.sql without the 'n' option itself. I dint see any practical problems in running this script in AIX machine..