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    Custom Region Area not coming in Employee Personal Address Information : UAE Legislation


      Not able to popup Area Code from Employee Personal Address:


      Step # 1:

      Switch Responsibility "UAE HRMS Manager"

      Goto Application Lookup Utility --> Search “AE_AREA_CODES” --> Add “940 -        XX Area Code Al Muhasnah”


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      Step # 2:


      Switch Responsibility to “HRMS Localization Seed Data Entry”


      Goto User Tables --> Search “AE_AREA_VALIDATION” --> Goto Rows and Add “465     - 940     -        940”





      Step # 3:


      Goto User Values --> Search “AE_AREA_VALIDATION”  Add “940” and Values is 202





      Step # 4:


      202 is the city code, see below where I am trying to link this Area code.




      Step # 5:


      Now Go to “Enter and Maintain Screen” --> search any employee .i.e. # 0037 and try to update Personal Address:


      Search for “XX Area Code Al Muhasnah” it’s not popup or coming in LOV.




      Please share to me any solution / advise so then will able to fix this issue.