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    Work done by AL



      I am considering to move our apex applications from modplsql (https on 10.1.3 Application Server) to use AL. I have read about all the good things about AL. Since AL installation involves deploying the apex.war and creating the i.war file , it involves some additional work compared to modplsql implementation. This is fine. But my question is what processing or what activity of APEX that used to be done on the database side has shifted to application server (if AL is implemented).  In modplsql implementation, we only had to give connect info (in dads.conf) and configure http for redirection. Pretty much everything was handled by the database. I am interested in knowing how that has changed with AL. Note, I am not trying to implement RESTFUL services now. Only difference (To keep it simple) is an apex application that was using modplsql earlier would be using apex listener instead.


      Thank you