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    Trying to open HRMS Standard Page in Jdeveloper


      Hi All,


      I have to open the following URL in Jdev.



      I am getting an error while running the page.

      Error: Cannot run "PersonSitUpdPG.HR_PERSON_SIT_UPDATE_TOP_SS" directly due to property

        "AM State Required" is set to "true".


      Going to the property inspector of 'HR_PERSON_SIT_UPDATE_TOP_SS'

      Am State Required : True

      I am changing it to : False


      then embedded server gets started and page runs also but with an error



      http://l-219005625.wipro.com:8988/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/errorl.gif  http://l-219005625.wipro.com:8988/OA_HTML/cabo/images/swan/t.gif

      Error: Cannot Display Page



      You cannot complete this task because you accessed this page using the browser's navigation buttons (the browser Back button, for example).
      To proceed, please select the Home link at the top of the application page to return to the main menu. Then, access this page again using the application's navigation controls (menu, links, and so on) instead of using the browser's navigation controls like Back and Forward.



      Need Help.

      Thank you so much !