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    Enkitec Navbar - possible bug: conditional list entries.

    Jonathan Taylor

      I think I have found a bug in the Enkitec Navbar (latest version 1.2.0 on Apex 4.2)


      If the "first child" item of a level 1 menu has a condition or authorization that causes the item to not render - then the rest

      of the level 2 items in the submenu do not show, and the little "drop-down" (V) icon does not show on the level 1 item.


      That "first child" must also have child entries (with the same condition/authorization) for the bug to appear.


      E.g. If the Menu is defined as:-


      Menu V

           Workspace A V

                Option 1

           Workspace B

                Option 2

           Workspace C


      And "Workspace A" and "Option 1" have condition/authorization that causes it not to show, then the menu is not rendered correctly - only the top level Menu is showing, with no sub-items.


      For a demo - see http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=35199


      The 3 items for Workspace A-C correspond to conditions and authorization schemes that should cause the corresponding menu items to hide/show.

      Submitting the page will show/hide the relevant menus.


      These work correctly for Workspaces B and C.

      However, it does not work when Workspace A is set to "No".


      If you view the source of the page - you will notice that Workspace B and C are actually in the list - but not showing.

      I think it is only the rendering of the HTML for the "Menu" that is wrong - it does not have the drop-down V icon showing.