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    How to access current PAY_ASSIGNMENT_ACTION inside PAY_CUSTOM_XML_RULES.custom_xml procedure


      I am using "Using Custom XML with Oracle US & Canadian Payroll Reports" white paper document to add custom tags to XML file . the procedure CUSTOM_XML in a package PAY_CUSTOM_XML_RULES has three parameters (P_ASSIGNEMNT_ACTION_ID, P_ACTION_INFORMATION_CATEGORY, P_DOCUMENT_TYPE). I have a question about P_ASSIGNEMNT_ACTION_ID. When i run Check Writer (XML) process with having PAY_CUSTOM_XML_RULES.CUSTOM_XML package, the value P_ASSIGNEMNT_ACTION_ID that i am getting is for "Payroll Archive" assignment Action Id, not the current Check Writer (XML) assignment_action_id . Is the correct ? I guess this should be current Check Writer (XML) assignment_Action_Id, but instead this is "Payroll Archive" Assignment_Action_id. This is the order that i have run the Processes Run Pre Payment Archive Check Writer (XML) Is there any way, i can get the current Check Writer (XML) assignment_Action_Id in PAY_CUSTOM_XML_RULES.CUSTOM_XML package ?