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    EA4 Trouble shutting down SQL Dev. when connection is busy

    Skip - Absolute

      A situation has developed where a remote server isn't responding, or SQL Dev is not acting right today. 


      When trying to open the connection tree, the tree does not expand, and it says 'Loading...'. 


      The logging page shows:



      Error during handleEvent on action 'ebs DBA_xxpva' (id=723). None of the attached controllers handled the action. - oracle.ide.controller.IdeAction$ControllerDelegatingController@5384e62b[oracle.dbtools.worksheet.editor.



      The status bar at the bottom shows the Running: activity bar.


      At this point, I have to use Windows to kill the SQL Dev process. 


      I'm accessing the server over VPN, and a colleague ran into a similar problem with TOAD.  So one problem is with the server, but this question is about how to get SQL Dev to let go of what it's doing, or at least force disconnect connections or allow itself to close the program process.