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    Subtotals in a report with hierarchy columns


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm using Essbase as a source with OBIEE BP1 and Essbase has two dimensions as below:


      Account dimension (four levels):  Total Accounts -> Account Category -> Account Subcategory -> Account Number (Eg: Total Accounts -> Revenue -> Operating Revenue -> 1001, 1002)

      Project dimension (three levels): Total Project -> Project Class -> Project Number (Eg: Total Project -> Capital -> 100010, 100011)


      I have a report requirement as below:


           Account Dimension         Project Number     Amount

           Revenue                         Total Project          300

             Operating Revenue        Total Project          300     

                1001                         100010                  100

                                                100011                  100

                1001 Subtotal                                         200

                1002                         100010                  75

                                                100011                  25

                1002 Subtotal                                        100


      I have achieved the required format using hierarchy column for accounts dimension, however, I'm not sure how to achieve subtotals for account number.


      Any ideas how to achieve subtotals when using hierarchy columns? Please advise if the report format can be changed to achieve this subtotal functionality.


      Many Thanks,