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    BPM Document Storage Bug




      I've installed SOA and BPM

      I am working on the OnBoarding process from https://java.net/projects/oraclebpmsuite11g/pages/Demos.

      It works fine until I enable the UCM Document package: I check the "Use document package", in the Document tab of the Human Task (in JDev), as described in the Oracle Doc.

      I rebuild the application and redeploy it.


      Then, when I try to attach a document in the BPM Workspace, I get the same "Add attachment" window as before the change, and when I click to add a desktop file I get the error:


      JBO-25058: Definition storageType of type Attribute is not found in ViewDefattachmentType74_276.


      Would you have already encountered such a bug and how to fix it?

      SOA was installed on the same server as UCM and the UCM domain was extended with the SOA and BPM domain.

      I am using Jdev plugin


      Thanks in advance for your clues,