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    BPM Default username and password


      Hi Experts,


      Will anyone please help to find the bpm composer default username and password to log into bpm composer. i installed bpm  and trying to login with weblogic/welcome1. response is invalid ID and password. please help me out.




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          You should be able to login to bpm composer using weblogic as user by default. Check whether user-'weblogic' exists or not by going to weblogic console ->Security Realms >myrealm >Users and Groups. You can even change the password, if you want for weblogic user here.




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            Ryan M O'Hare

            Usually you have to set the standard weblogic username and password at install time.  Common "default" combinations are weblogic/weblogic1, weblogic/welcome123, weblogic/welcome1, weblogic/oracle, weblogic/oracle123.  But there really is no "default" as it is dependent on whatever you have indicated during the install.  Many prebuilt VMs from Oracle will use one of the combinations that I mentioned though.


            But if none of those work, you can change the weblogic password in WLS console --> Security Realms --> myrealm --> Users and Groups as already mentioned by the previous reply.

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              I tried all the one listed. none is working. I did reset weblogic user password and tried. it didnt worked.