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    Viewcriteria question


      I am using Jdeveloper 11g R ( & weblogic 10 G

      In my pages I use JSF & Facelet


      Hi In my application module I have a method that query some view object view criteria like this:


              ViewObjectImpl someVW = getRefPathwayReqNameViewQ1();



              VariableValueManager someVVM = someVW.ensureVariableManager();






              someVVM.setVariableValue("refoid", refOid);



              ViewCriteria someVC = someVW.getViewCriteria("searchById");








      My question :

      is Viewcriteria API  enough clever to clear current viewcriteria if I use this view object and try to query with another viewcriteria?

      or every time I need to remove view criteria  using removeApplyviewcriteria?