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    PeopleSoft 8.53 Integration with Oracle SES


      Dear All,

      My System Details are : 


      Machine 1

      Hostname : host1

      Port : port1

      Application : PeopleSoft 8.53 + HCM 9.2 (DEMO) + Oracle 11g

      Default IB Node : PSFT_HR

      OS : Windows 7 (64 Bit)


      Machine 2

      Hostname : host2

      Port : port2

      Application :Oracle Secure Enterprise Search

      OS : Windows 2008 Server (64 Bit)

      Machine 3

      Hostname : host3

      Port : port3

      Application : PeopleSoft 8.53 + ELM 9.2 (DEMO) + Oracle 11g

      Default IB Node : PSFT_LM

      OS : Windows 7 (64 Bit)


      No Error was encountered while installation and systems started without any error.

      I was able to integrate PeopleSoft HCM with Oracle SES (with great help from my forum friends ).


      I was able to establish Global search in HCM 9.2.


      Now I have PeopleSoft ELM installed on host3. I need to integrate this to the same SES Server Installed on host2.

      In identity management setup on Oracle SES entry is given for host1(HCM).

      How can I achieve this. I know I need to establish Single-Signon between ELM and HCM but, I am not sure how.


      Kindly help.