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    Are JDev autogenerated paths needed to create ear, war and jar files ?




      We want to create ear, war and jar files from Ant build script generated from JDeveloper

      We also like to use ojdeploy with it.

      In the process of creating build.xml files from projects, we see these paths.

      We also have standalone Weblogic installed with ADF runtime



      1- Do we need these path ids to generate ear, jar, war files properly and then deploy the ear to our standalone Weblogic so that our webapp can run ok ?

      2- Why are they generated, if they are not needed


      From research, it appears that we don't need these paths except to keep ant targets of init, compile, exec etc with ojdeploy.

      3- Is that true ?


      We are afraid that because no paths are listed in the build.xml, then when we deploy the ear app, it cant use the ADF runtime on the standalone WLS.


      Thanks in advance for answering.



      eg of paths generated below:




        <path id="library.SOA.Designtime"/>

        <path id="library.SOA.Runtime"/>

        <path id="library.BPEL.Runtime"/>

        <path id="library.Mediator.Runtime"/>

        <path id="library.MDS.Runtime">

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.mds_11.1.1/mdsrt.jar"/>


        <path id="library.BC4J.Service.Runtime">

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.model_11.1.1/adfbcsvc.jar"/>

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.adf.model_11.1.1/adfbcsvc-share.jar"/>

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/oracle_common/modules/commonj.sdo_2.1.0.jar"/>

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/modules/org.eclipse.persistence_1.1.0.0_2-1.jar"/>

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.webservices_11.1.1/wsclient.jar"/>

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/oracle_common/modules/oracle.web-common_11.1.1.jar"/>


        <path id="library.TopLink">

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/modules/com.oracle.toplink_1.0.0.0_11-1-1-5-0.jar"/>

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/modules/org.eclipse.persistence_1.1.0.0_2-1.jar"/>

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/modules/com.bea.core.antlr.runtime_2.7.7.jar"/>

          <pathelement location="{oracle.middleware}/modules/javax.persistence_1.0.0.0_2-0-0.jar"/>


        <path id="library.Oracle.Rules"/>

        <path id="classpath">

          <path refid="library.SOA.Designtime"/>

          <path refid="library.SOA.Runtime"/>

          <path refid="library.BPEL.Runtime"/>

          <path refid="library.Mediator.Runtime"/>

          <path refid="library.MDS.Runtime"/>

          <path refid="library.BC4J.Service.Runtime"/>

          <path refid="library.TopLink"/>

          <path refid="library.Oracle.Rules"/>




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          Timo Hahn

          1) You need the path info for the compile  dependency analysis. Otherwise you might get missing class errors.

          2) they are needed

          3) no see 1


          If you use ojdeploy (only) and let it do it all the work, you don't need the path as in this case all the work is done like if you have done the work in Jdev.

          Ojdeploy ids a headless Jdev (Jdev without a gui).



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            Hi Timo


            Thanks for responding.

            We're new and a little confused now.


            In 1-3, you said they are needed.

            But if we use ojdeploy we don't need.


            1a- So do you mean that in 1-3, those paths are used by folks who dont have JDev installed on their dev machines ?

            1b- If true, how would they go about compiling themselves as there are so many jars.


            2- Must the paths above match the ADF runtime path we installed the standalone weblogic ?


            Thanks Timo in advance


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              Timo Hahn

              There are two different things here. Using ant to build the class files and then building an ear from the class files and other resources.

              The building part needs the libraries if you use javac as compiler. Building an ear file only needs the path to the jar files which are packed into the ear.

              In this sense you need the pages you see in the build.xml.


              Then Jdev offers another way: ojdeploy. This tool is a Jdev without a gui.

              You can use this tool and build the classes for each project of a workspace and to build build war and ear file. This is just like you click the rebuild button for each project and then the deploy the projects and application. If you use this approach you don't need the generated path ids as the whole build process is done inside Jdev as it's done on your developer pc.