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    Clarification about report processes (in_process) standalone


      Hi all.


      I'm using WLS forms / reports 11g rel2 64 bits /(Deployment) on a linux box and  have the following questions:


      Having performed a default installation / configuration have under my domain (reports node):


      1) reports(11.1.2) (WLS_REPORTS)

      2) ReportTools

      3) RptSvr_mluis_asinst_1


      According to theory, when i access http://host:8888/reports/rwservlet/showjobs o getserverinfo, without supplying the server parameter one is getting access to the in-Process Report Server that gets installed automatically. Now if i want one to get information pertaining another server, i use the server keyword, It this correct?.


      As per installation, looking at EM, i assume the report server that is located at reports(11.1.2) (WLS_REPORTS) is the in-Process Server and RptSvr_mluis_asinst_1 is a stand-alone server.

      Also, from getserver info, the server server name for in-Process is rep_wls_reports_mluis_asinst_1 and for stand-alone is rptsvr_mluis_asinst_1.

      So is rptsvr_mluis_asinst_1 a stand-alone report server? if so, why is it created? isn't just enough the in-Process server?. Why have two servers?

      Best regards, Luis ....