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    No View Port Found issue while upgrading to PS6

    Ravi Nagubandi-Oracle



      I'm using JDeveloper version -


      We are trying to upgrade our development environment from to As part of this upgrade we are facing the issue of No View Port Found error in the log.


      This error is observed during navigations to pages having regions.


      Here is the stack trace of the error:


      <ControllerState> <getViewPort> ADFc: No view port found with ID 'data.view_DemoPageDef.SourceFlow1.view_pageDefs_SourcePageDef_WEB_INF_SourceFlow_xml_SourceFlow.IntermediateFlow1.view_pageDefs_IntermediatePageDef_WEB_INF_IntermediateFlow_xml_IntermediateFlow.TargetFlow1.view_pageDefs_TargetPageDef_WEB_INF_TargetFlow_xml_TargetFlow.TestRegion'.

      <ControllerState> <getViewPort> ADFc: No view port found with ID 'data.view_DemoPageDef.SourceFlow1.view_pageDefs_SourcePageDef_WEB_INF_SourceFlow_xml_SourceFlow.IntermediateFlow1.view_pageDefs_IntermediatePageDef_WEB_INF_IntermediateFlow_xml_IntermediateFlow.TargetFlow1'.


      What is the root cause of this error? Is there any documentation which explains this problem? How can we overcome this issue.


      Is this a bug in ADF? We didn't observe this issue in version.


      Any inputs would be helpful.