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    Working with barcode


      Hi all,

      I need to generate Barcode for products, print barcode, display barcode into reports and read data from barcode scanner to retrive a product.


      Is there a plugin, a pl/sql package or APEX example to help me, please?


      Thank you,


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          There are two ways to create a barcode on a report.

          - You can use a barcode font.

          - Use a Java package that creates the barcode as an image.


          It depends on your reporting tool what you can use. Here is an example for a Java package:


          (barcode fonts can be found on the same website).


          There is (should be) nothing special about scanning a barcode. The only thing a barcode scanner does is translating a barcode into a readable code. So, if your cursor is in some text field, and you point the scanner to a barcode, the code will be displayed in the text field in readable text. It's just like typing the code via your keyboard.

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            It really depends on the type of barcode you need. Code39 barcodes can be accomplished with just a font but most other types of barcode must be generated programmatically.


            InoL's suggestion to look at http://idautomation.com/ is a very good choice especially if you are comfortable with java.


            You might also consider HTML Barcode Software Development Kit (SDK) - Open Source if you are stronger in scripting.




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              I just did it in APEX.... see




              I downloaded the JavaScript referenced in the artical in the above link.  Copy-&-pasted into JavaScript section of my page's page property.  Then created a "Display Only" Page Item and made sure under the Security section, "Escape special characters" is set to "No".  Using Dynamic action or process to call the JavaScript function DrawCode39Barcode("12345", 1); to set the Display-Only Page Item value. ( in place of "12345", pass in your barcode number)

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                Thank you for your answers,

                1. Display Barcode into APEX Page : I will use JCD's suggestion

                2. Scanning Barcode : Ok, I will try with a dynamic action to retrive product information from barcode

                3. Print Barcode : I think to use Jasper Reports to print PDF with barcode (I use JasperReportIntegration by Dietmar Aust)


                But how can I generate barcode from code? Sorry, I'm newbie




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                  Read the message again and the link referenced.  It describles how to generate the barcode.  There are many ways to "generate" the barcode.  Dynamic Action, Processes, it will be up to you to invoke the call to the JavaScript function (from the link).   If you need basice APEX coding help, read the APEX 2-Day User's Guide from Oracle.

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                    I might be missing something but if you are going to use JasperReports to print your barcode then you should not need to generate a barcode anywhere else. In that case, the print and preview functions of your JasperReport would handle the barcode rendering and you would need to look at how to do barcodes with that tool.


                    That being said, the data behind a barcode is just data assigned to a variable, formula, function (depending on the tool) within the limits of what a barcode can hold and it is processed by whatever is making the barcode, in your case it sounds like that will be JasperReports. I have never used JasperReports but I would suggest researching how it does barcodes, probably some add on, and working backwards to your data source.

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                      hello, maybe you should try to use this kind of barcode generator, This Online Barcode Generator is a free barcode generation service provided by KeepAutomation. Being powerful and easy to use, this barcode generator supports barcode generation for over 20 major linear & 2D barcode types. In addition, a variety of barcode parameters are provided to ensure outstanding barcode image output: automatic checksum calculation for corresponding barcodes, automatic data format selection for 2D barcode symbols, as well as advanced quiet zone calculation technology. I use it all the time, it is my favorite one, I think it is helpful for you, you can check it to find what you really want. hope you like it, best wishes for you

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                        use this link for generate barcode


                        Helps you,


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                          Although it's a commercial product, PL/PDF does a great job of generating barcodes as part of a PDF document.  You can download and try it for free.







                          - Scott -





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                            Hi Sergio,

                            I downloaded a Java Barcode jar and generated barcodes in Jasper reports. One little imperfect thing is that it doesn't support all linear and 2D barcode types but most of them, which is good enough. Meanwhile it helps me quickly and easily added barcode generation functionality to Jasper Reports.


                            You can learn more about how it works: How to generate barcodes in Java




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                              Hi Sergio,


                              There are many free and low cost options available that will allow you to print or display a barcode from within your APEX application, but not very many of those "free tools" are reliable or deisgned to work with Oracle based applications. If you have already resolved this, can you update the group and let us know what method you are using? If you haven't closed this because you are still trying to find a solution to meet your needs, I would suggest taking a look at BarTender by Seagull Scientific. I have been using their tools as an integrator/developer and as an employee for over five years. Their Oracle-Certified suite of tools manage document design, encoding, and print functionality for almost every printer commercially available. They also support magnetic stripe encoding and card printers.


                              You can get a 30-day trial version from their website:

                              Download    Barcode Software - Label design program, RFID encoding, card printing   






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