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    Issue with TableAdapter Configuration Wizard and CASE statements


      I am having an issue with using any CASE statements in the select clause for the Table Adapter Configuration Wizard (TCW).  I can take any query without a CASE and it will run fine, but inserting any CASE statement in the Select such as:



        WHEN :ras_sort = 'C' THEN  c.CLAIMDEP_NAME

        WHEN :ras_sort = 'A' THEN  TO_CHAR(a.ACCOUNT_NUMBER)

        END) sort1

      FROM xxxx

      causes the TCW to error with "error in list of function arguments, 'THEN' not recognized" and several other errors.  I have tried with and without parameters in the CASE and have tried both forms of the CASE statement.  I have tried multiple queries, all that run with no problem outside of TCW and ODP, but this seems to be a real issue


      Is this a known problem and are there any workarounds that will allow use of the TCW?