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    Oracle Inventory Stock Location in a Subinventory - Locators vs DFF


      Has anyone covered the topic of options for recording the location of an item in a subinventory when the business has a clear rule that an item in a subinventory will only ever exist in one location?


      The functionality in Oracle inventory for locators suggests it is for multiple stock locations in a subinventory.  Using it when applying the above business rule of only one locator per item per subinventory seems to require a lot of data maintenance and transaction data entry for the purposes of being able to identify which asile, row, shelve an item is located at.


      Has anyone provided such a discussion before on the pros and cons of using locators when an item will only exist in one location within a subinventory vs the use of a DFF field on the item/subinventory record to be used for reporting and lookup purposes for location information?