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    Error configuring the SES




      Getting the following error message when trying to perform the diagnostics test


      EQG-30117: Unexpected crawler plug-in error: java.lang.NullPointerException

      ERROR main null java.lang.NullPointerException oracle.search.plugin.rss.RSSCrawlerManager:setParamsFromXML:377 oracle.search.plugin.rss.RSSCrawlerManager:initParams:552 oracle.search.plugin.rss.RSSCrawlerManager:init:681 oracle.search.crawler.WebCrawler:begin:1411 ImtCrawler:run:2183 ImtCrawler:main:555


      Can you let us know how to resolve the issue, I verified the we have given correct user id and server name.




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          I've not seen this error before personally.  Did you use the fully qualified domain name on the Identity Management Setup in SES?  If not try updating that.

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            Thanks for the reply RCC, I have verified that I have given full qualified domain name in Identity Management setup on SES, when i do the tests on the Search Framework > Administration > Search Instance all the test validations pass, But when i perform the Round Trip Test under Search Framework > Utilities > Diagnostics > Round Trip Test it fails with the error message.