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    Variable GLOBAL.M_USER_ID does not exist




      i am using forms 6i

      i have created a form based on a template form


      and when i run my new form


      i get the message FRM 40815 Variable GLOBAL.M_USER_ID does not exist.


      the only place where global.m_user_id is defined is in the pre insert trigger on the data block  for generating sequence


      select garage_data_seq.nextval

      into :garage_data.garage_data_id

      from dual;


      select sysdate into :trx_date from dual;

      :POL_CR_UID          :=  :GLOBAL.M_USER_ID;








      kindly guide


      thanking in advance



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          Dear Lincy,


          Before Using A Global Variable, You Have To Initialize That Variable. The Error Shows That You Are Not Initializing the Variable.



          Hope This Helps,





          • 2. Re: Variable GLOBAL.M_USER_ID does not exist

            Hi Lincy


            Going through you code here are some suggestions:


            Initial Value (Item) Property is the default value that Oracle Forms assigns to the item whenever a record is created.

            The default value can be one of the following:

            • raw value (216, 'TOKYO')
            • form item (:block_name.item_name)
            • global variable (:GLOBAL.my_global)
            • form parameter (:PARAMETER.my_param)
            • a sequence (:SEQUENCE.my_seq.NEXTVAL)
            • the current operating system date :client-side ($$DATE$$).