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    Is it a best practice to Input Data directly to <Parent Currency>?


      Dear Gurus,


      I understand this question is very simple, but I am wondering is it a best practice to Input data directly into <Parent Currency>?


      I am having a scenario where users do translation in Oracle and they wish to see the same number in HFM. As the process that they follow is unique in nature by Entity->Account [OR] for all Entities->Account, creating Override accounts is not helping us and rapidly increasing the Override hierarchy month-on-month.




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          By overriding the accounts, I assume you are referring to accounts that are translated historically as opposed to the default translation performed by HFM?


          If so, I have seen two general approaches to achieve this:

               a) Allowing the user to directly override the translation at IsTransCurr (i.e. <parent currency> if parent is in a currency other then entity)

               b) Entering in a special currency rate in a rate account and then adjusting the translate routine to translate your account by that rate.


          I personally, am a bigger fan of the first option.