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    FDM data load issue




      We are facing an issue with FDM dataload.


      We deleted records from tdataseg table for a location, but in frontend, we still see orange fish for that location for all steps.


      Now, when we try to delete records from front end (FDM webclient), it says processing and going on forever. It is not even letting us to load data for other months for that location.


      Can any one help me with how to delete records from front end..


      quick help on this is appreciated..


      Thanks in advance...

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          This is not a good way to go about this process.


          What should be done to delete data for a particular POV is to delete it directly from the FDM Front end:


          a) Change to the proper POV and choose Workflow > Import

          b) Click "delete All" to delete the data.


          If you want to delete all data across all locations for a particular period, you could delete the period from the period control table.

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            FDM data load issue using Jython script

            I am new to Jython script.

            We are trying to load data from flat file to FDMEE using Jython Script. Data Management -> Setup -> Script Editor created the following script and saved as EventTest.py

            def EventTest (strfieldm strrec) :

            strfield = 'test'

            return strfield

            Setup -> Import Format ->  calling EventTest.py

            the data load is failing. Anyone please help me how to debug the issue.


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              Please open a new thread for this issue.


              This is not related to the original post.