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    Copy Value from Item - no longer works



      I just upgraded to forms 11 from 6 and am having issues with the "Copy Value from Item" property.

      I have a list populated from table in a database.  The user selects one of the rows.  Once selected the user can navigate to another tab and the rows id and name automatically get populated in the header which in turn is used as the data to create the information in the tab.

      So on the tab the "Copy Value from Item" is calling the list block and the item name.  This use to work in 6.  What happened?

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          Update on this:

          The item is a Non-Database field and using Help > Diagnostics > Examine I have determined that the value is in fact in the field; however, it is not being displayed on the form.  The field is a dark gray.  The forms code was not changed -- only the upgrade took place.