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    Copying Packaging Spec


      When I am copying packaging spec, the fields  'Category', 'Sub-Category' & 'Group' are getting copied over, however the fields under 'Available UOM', 'UOM Conversions' and Cross Reference' are not getting copied, whether I choose to keep the copied Spec linked to the Template or not. [Both the Spec copied from and the Template used has those UOM/Cross reference fields defined] . Aren't those UOM/Cross reference fields suppose to be copied over to the new Spec?  When I create a new Spec from Template, system brings over all fields [UOM/Cross reference etc.] from Template, so I was expecting the same behavior while copying too, since I am linking to the Template during the copying process. Can someone shed some light on this issue please?

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          Ron M-Oracle

          I believe that the functional use cases are different. When you are copying from a Template, you are not copying a real existing specification - rather, you are creating a spec with values that should be there by default. These values from a template are typically not meant to be specific to one single specification, but rather to a grouping/classification of specs. Perhaps a Beverage type specification, created from a Beverage template, would have certain Available UOMs that a Sauce specification would not. Cross References on a template may be used for pack size purposes, which may also be specific to a template.


          When you copy an existing specification, the assumption is that the specification is linked to some external system(s) using the cross references - if those were copied over, you could have an possible discrepancy. Also, since you are doing a copy and not a new revision, we assumed the UOM info would be different so is is cleared out.