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    Fields not displayed when bringing 6i form to R12 (10g).




      We are in the process of upgrading to R12. We have one custom form that is not displaying the fields. I can see that the cursor is positioning to the field, but it is not showing. All fields are rendered and on the correct canvas. The prompts are showing, but not the input fields. When I open the form, there is a long pause and then a bell. If I do Help>>Examine, I can see that the cursor is in the 1st field. If I hit Tab, Help>>Examine agan, I see that the cursor moved to the next field. This is an 11i form that only a snippet of code was removed, nothing related to displaying fields, navigation or the like.


      I have checked everything I can think of in the form and I am not new to forms, but this one is baffling me. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?