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    Remove tooltip from Date Picker image


      Hi All,


      I want to suppress the tooltip text when hovered on Date Picker image.


      I tried the code below but nothing seems to be working.




      <script type="text/javascript">










      Can some one who is expert writing JQuery please throw some light here and tell me what is that I am doing wrong here.


      I am using Oracle Apex 4.2.1 version.




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          Jorge Rimblas

          Not sure why you thought the noConflict call was needed.  APEX includes jQuery already.

          You're pretty close, but your don't want to remove the title from ALL the images on the page. You want to be a little more specific.

          The image you want to target has a class of ui-datepicker-trigger so go with that.


          Create an Advanced Dynamic action that runs on on "Page Load". Use this javascript code:






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            Thanks for your suggestion and your dynamic action worked out.

            I had to even remove "alt"  along with the "title" attribute to get it working.


            I am new to JQuery, so noConflict is a classic copy paste from a different code (my bad).


            Thanks again for your time and help.