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    Criteria for grouping requisition lines into PO lines and how to change them


      "As requisition lines are converted into purchase order lines, multiple requisition lines are grouped onto one purchase order line if certain characteristics, such as item and unit of measure, are the same."


      This statement is from the Oracle iProcurement Implementation and Administration Guide.  We have a problem with a catalog supplier -- many items in their catalog come in multiple sizes -- the item description, unit of price, and unit of measure are the same, but the supplier-item field has an item number that includes the size (for example, 12345 S, 12345 M, 12345 L, etc.).  Supplier-item is apparently not one of the characteristics -- as the lines are merged into a single line when a PO is created, with the first supplier-item code being the one used on the order.


      Is there any way to see what characteristics are used to determine whether or not multiple requisition lines are grouped when a PO is created?  Also, is there a way to add or remove characteristics?