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    Need Help in Personalization


      Can anyone help me on Personalization steps ? Like login,loginpost,fetching the recommendations for an user and segments.

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          Tony Field

          Hi Bishnu -


          The following works for Engage personalization.


          1. Log your user in however you want.
          2. Set the user's userid using vdm:setalias to tag the user in the Engage visitor context
          3. Use the vdm tags like setscalar to set profile attributes for the user.  You can set history attributes and inform for RTD
          4. After each change to the user's profile (or history records), run commercecontext:calculatesegments and commercecontext:calculatepromotions. 
          5. To retrieve recommendations user commercecontext:getrecommendations


          You'll need to configure scalar attributes in the system for capturing profile data, history fields and record types (definitions) to track behavioural data, and set up promotions and segments in the UI.  You'll also have to set up RTD if you are using it.


          Hope that helps!

          Tony Field


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            Thanks a lot Tony for responding.


            1.I have created a normal jsp login form for login in. But after submitting the form how to validate the user(which code) or in which table users should exit, so that they can get login accessibility. Or is it like the users in SystemUsers table have authorization.


            Let me do the login first, than I shall post my queries for further steps.


            Thanks indeed for Responding.