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    Installing Data Modeler


      I want to install Data Modeler ( to be exact) in a common directory (/usr/local/sqld_dm) and have multiple users use it.  /usr/local is mounted via NFS to the local machine, but the "sqld_dm" directory is owned by user "oracle".  When user "oracle" runs it, there is no problems.  When another user runs it, data modeler complains about not being able to write to files in the /usr/local/sqld_dm/* tree (which, of course, it shouldn't be able to do).


      Installing Data Modeler on each workstation/user is not a viable solution.  And besides, it's silly.


      Is there any configuration that will allow Data Modeler to be installed in a common location and shared by multiple users?  Do I need a different version?


      OS: RHEL 6.3