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    Create a form with selective fields from a table.


      Hello everybody,

      I am trying to create a form on the table but I would like to show only a few fields depending upon what a user selects from a drop down list. Is it possible to do in the same page? If so, how can I accomplish this?


      Thank You for your help.


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          Howard (... in Training)

          I have done this sort of thing with a checkbox.  The report displays an initial set of columns and then the user can check (uncheck) the additional columns to be displayed.  [This checkbox sits just above the row of column headings.]  There is a Dynamic Action for the checkbox which immediately submits -- giving the new view of the report with the "new" set of columns displayed.  Each column has a condition such as  :F1201_ROLE = 'ADMIN' AND INSTR(:F1201_COLUMN_SELECTOR,'TID') > 0.


          In this case, only an ADMIN can see this column and it's only displayed when :F1201_COLUMN_SELECTOR contains "TID".  The checkbox places "TID" in the selector global variable when the Ticket ID column is checked.   You could use a multi-selector to do the same thing.


          Does that help?


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