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    multiple attributes in checkbox??


      Apex 4.2


      I have a classic report with a checkbox.. I want to be able to disable the checkbox if another column in the report is set value.

      I also want to call an onchange event to disable some buttons if checked.

      I can get each of these actions to work separately but not both at the same time.


      I created an example query below with the emp table. Can't seem to put two attributes in the apex_item.checkbox2

      Does anyone know how to do this?? which ever action I put first gets executed and the second action is ignored.


      DECODE(deptno,10,'disabled=disabled',NULL)   OR  'onchange="spCheckChange(this),"')


      select empno,ename,job,mgr,hiredate,sal,comm,deptno,apex_item.checkbox2(1, empno,

      DECODE(deptno,10,'disabled=disabled',NULL), 'onchange="spCheckChange(this);"') action from emp