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    How to update an application from one instance to another without losing SIR ?




      We have several prod instances and many applications on each of these... and interactive reports saved by many users.

      Each prod application have its own ID, distinct from the dev application ID.

      Until today I used the apex_application_install inside the first wokspace only, and it works fine, but I need to update applications on every instances.


      It seems the only way to keep a saved report during an update is to use the same application Id (use the app n°200 to overwrite the n°200).

      So it means the only available method is : release the dev app on the dev workspace ; export 50 apps from it and import those 50 times, maybe more in the futur.


      Is there really not any kind of more simple solution in my case ?

      If not what could be the more automatic way to do that ?


      Thanks !




      My configuration :

      Oracle Standard or XE

      Apex 4.1.1