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    Academic advisement - Requirement Investigate All Combinations doesn't work


      hi guys,


      i have some trouble with Academic advisement (campus solutions 9.0 and bundle 14). i tried creating a requirement which contained a requirement with 7 line items. i set Choice Resolution Method of the requirement to Investigate All Combinations. please find the structure of the requirement group, requirement set up as follows.


      Requirement Group 1 => Requirement 1=>line 01 and line 02 and (line 03 or line 04 or line 05 or line 06) and line 07.


      i tried running an advisement report using a student who was supposed to be successful in the report, but turn out not. line 05 and line 07 had common courses. line 07 was supposed using the courses which line 05 didn't have to satisfy and leave the rest courses to line 05 to satisfy. but the result was that line 07 used the courses which line 05 had so that line 05 failed to satisfy. i don't know why it happened.


      i tried to find out the reason. the results as follows:

      remove line 01 and line 02: failed

      remove line 01, line 02 and line 03: failed

      remove line 03 and line 04: succeeded

      re-arrange the order of line items to line 01 and line 02 and (line 05 or line 03 or line 04 or line 06) and line 07: succeeded (but it's not the way we wanted)


      can anybody help? i attached some screen captures. thanks a lot.