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    SMart view Invalid Argument


      Hello Experts,



      Thanks in Advance,



      I am stuck with a different issue. I did a Fresh install of HFM on distributive
      environment, all web services are on administrator server and I have other HFM
      server (version windows 64 bit 2008 r2 server)



      After installation all of the products are up and running. but with smart
      view I have issue that when I try to connect to HFM application and open data
      form or task list I am able to do it. But when I try to do Adhoc analysis on
      the application it results out in error specifying invalid argument. When I
      check smart view log or HFM server log I am getting the following error.



      [2013-08-21T11:19:12-05:00] [SVC] [ERROR:1] [SVC10000] [SVC] [ecid:
      00iDNSm3s8aFw00Fzzw0w000020S000000,0] Invalid argument. [[Invalid argument.Error
      Reference Number: {2B9E2AD4-7DCF-490D-8FE8-EACFFC2D8FA4}<BR>Num:
      0x80040229;Type: 1;DTime: 8/21/2013 11:19:06 AM;Svr: VM101814;File:
      CDQISource.cpp;Line: 672;Ver:;<BR>Num: 0x80040229;Type:
      0;DTime: 8/21/2013 11:19:06 AM;Svr: VM101814;File: CHsvDQI.cpp;Line: 3344;Ver:;]]



      Any help would be appreciated to solve out this issues.