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    HFM report showing 0/#value


      Hi Guys,


      I have an ICP report which some of my HFM my users are all flocking to for some reason. The report came from one person and it works perfectly on her pc. Whenever users open this function/formula format report, all they see are #numericzeros or #value based on their options. They all have access to view the information but they simply cannot. It workers for the person who sends the report, but doesn't for anyone else. Even when i insert my private connection name in the formula it doesn't work.


      Current formula: =-HsGetValue("Account#"&$A$5&";Entity#"&$B10&";Year#"&$A$4&";Scenario#"&$A$1&";View#"&$A$2&";Period#"&$A$3&";ICP#"&C$4&";")

      My change: =-HsGetValue("Prodserver","Account#"&$A$5&";Entity#"&$B7&";Year#"&$A$4&";Scenario#"&$A$1&";View#"&$A$2&";Period#"&$A$3&";ICP#"&C$4&";")


      POV values:


      S: ACTUAL

      View: YTD

      E: Changes/ cell ref

      A: intercorecpay

      Y: 2013

      P: July

      ICP: changes/ cell ref

      C1: Not listed

      C2: Not listed

      C3: Not listed

      C4: Not listed


      At first i thought of adding in c1-c4 as topc1-topc4 but it works for the owner of this file so i don't think that would make a difference. Is it something in the way the file was transferred? I'm just really looking for answers or suggestions. I'm more familiiar with Ad Hoc.