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    SWSE Configuration doesn't work because of missing appcmd.exe file


      Hi Everybody,


      I have a virtual machine with Windows XP SP3 (32 Bit) on it, which I am using as test environment for my own purpose. I installed theSiebel Enterprise, Siebel SWSE.


      When I try to apply the Logical Profile (step SWSE Configuration) it opens a DOS console with the message the appcmd.exe file is not found.


      After searching in Internet for solutions, I found out that appcmd.exe is a component of IIS 7. Mine is 5.1. So, it wouldn't work anyway, I see.


      I installed IIS 7 Express Edition, but it didn't change anything. 


      Is there a workaround in order to run the SWSE Configuration successfully?.


      I would appreciate any tips