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    Alert the names of all blocks in  a form

    Danish Ansari

      Hi all,


      I want to alert the the names of all blocks in the particular form on when new form instance trigger ? I want that PL-SQL coding how to do that.


      I am using Oracle Forms 11g




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          What have you tried so far?  Have you checked the Forms Help System to see if there are any Built-ins that can give you some of the information you need?  For example, a search on "First Block" returned results that led me to the GET_FORM_PROPERTY() built-in.  This Built-in will give you the following information: FIRST_BLOCK, FIRST_NAVIGATION_BLOCK and LAST_BLOCK.  You would also have found references to the set of SYSTEM variables like, CURRENT_BLOCK, CURSOR_BLOCK and TRIGGER_BLOCK.  With this information you could then loop through your data blocks displaying the names of each block until you reach the LAST_BLOCK.  The basic logic follows:


          1.  Get FIRST_NAVIGATION_BLOCK from Get_Form_Property() built-in.

          2.  Navigate to FIRST_NAVIGATION_BLOCK using GO_BLOCK() built-in.

          3.  Get name of LAST_BLOCK from Get_Form_Property().


          5.  Display value of :SYSTEM.CURRENT_BLOCK

          6.  Use NEXT_BLOCK to navigate to the next navigable block