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    How to get rid of the "[Why]" that appears in the decision report as a hyperlink (OPM 10.4)

    adityaagr - oracle

      Hello All,

      I am a newbie in OPA space and currently stuck to achieve a feature.

      Here it is:


      1. Created a project

      2. Created a couple of screens with one rulebase word document

      3. After I build and run the project, the questionnaire screen appears.

      4. At the end, after answering the interview screen, we get hyperlink with [Why?]. This primarily seems to be controlled from messages.en.properties file.

      The attribute for the same is "decision-report-why-text"

      There is a "why" in the above attribute. And even if we give blank space/null for this property, the word "[Why?]" appears!


      Has anybody encountered this? Any help would be highly appreciated.


      -Also tried out tweaking the .vm files that presumably control the header/footer/start/end pages without any result.

      Any pointers??





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          Fiona Guy-Oracle

          Hi Aditya


          By default, OPA 10.4 will collect the minimum amount of information needed to answer the goal of your interview and then display the answer and the reasons for the answer.You can change what appears on these screens within OPM itself (you don't need to change those settings).


          So I would:

          - add a Summary Screen to your project (if you haven't already)

          - add <your goal attribute> to your summary screen. This will display as a link if the goal is unknown and as a sentence showing the outcome and a Why? link when it is known. 

          - add a label to the summary screen, providing information about the outcome (eg "Congratulations you are eligible") or simply show the value of the outcome (eg Your total deduction is %deduction_amount%). 

          - use visibility rules to control which items to display at the start/end of your interview (in your case, maybe hide your goal once it is known and show your label once your goal is known). See OPA help topic "Tutorial: Hiding and displaying summary screen elements".


          The Inferred Brand Discount sample supplied in the OPM install provides an example of this (see Help topic Sample Rulebases for information on how to open this).


          Hope that helps,