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    Reset in memory filter for ViewCriteria

    Michael Shapira

      Hi. I am on Jdev 11g R2

      I have the VO which is stored in memory


              DrhCustomersVOImpl custVo  = (DrhCustomersVOImpl)getDrhCustomersVO1();




      I want to filter this VO by using VIewCriteria


      Lets assume that I have a text field where I enter my filter text

      After this I call the following function


      public void ( String custFilter)



              boolean isCriteriaApplied = false;
              DrhCustomersVOImpl vo = (DrhCustomersVOImpl)getDrhCustomersVO1();
              //if previously some view criteria was applied - remove it
              //Define VC for in-memroy filtering

               ViewCriteria vc = vo.createViewCriteria();
               //filter in memory
               ViewCriteriaRow vcr1 = vc.createViewCriteriaRow(); 
               if (!custFilter.isEmpty())
                   System.out.println("Customer has values and will be applied");
                   vcr1.setAttribute("CustomerName", "LIKE "+custFilter+"%");
                   isCriteriaApplied = true;
              if (isCriteriaApplied)



      When I initially enter filter text I get a good result - my table is filtered by this value. Now I clear the text field. After this I expect to see that my table is being populated with  all data (as you can see I do execute vo.executeQuery() and cler the criteria), but nothing happens and I actually continue to see my table displaying  previous result (I mean if I filtered the table by word "TEST" , it continues to display the filtered row)

      In the log I see that indeed query was executed in memory without view criteria


      Please advice