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    VCP Plans running long



      our VCP Plan Programs are running long. There is no particular program which is running that I am unable to identify. We are running Executions and ATP plans after collections.  Either collections is running long or VCP ATP plan is running long or both. Please suggest.


      Ideal run time for collections is 40 mins. but it is taking 100 min + for the same. ATP plan used to complete in 50 -60 mins now it is taking 120mins.



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          On the Collections,Can you please plot the time taken by PDP or PDP Workers, Refresh Snapshot or ODS over few days. If the behaviour is not consistent, then you may try running the GSS on ERP instance and VCP instance at 50% or may be at 100%.


          Are there any other activities like backup being scheduled at the same time the Collections and plans are run?


          You may also monitor the DB sessions and see what are the other processes/concurrent programs that are running at the same time.

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            If the collection is taking time check then that could be an MLOG issue.

            Check document 1063953.1

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              It is not an MLOG$ issue since EBS portion is getting completed in 20-30 mins. We tried Stats @40% . Increased number of workers from 5 to 10. But none of them helped. Oracle SR is in progress. I will keep this thread posted on the updates.

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                We faced similar scenario in our environment. Below are the things we tried with success.


                Increase memory Based Snapshot workers.

                Enable MRP_DIRECT_LOAD-profile option that can be set at site level

                Improve the performance of Loader Worker Program by implementing sql loader profile.


                The performance improved considerably.