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    Oracle Forms and Oracle APEX integration


      Hi Everyone,


      I am calling oracle forms in apex through iframes , I would like  to send the values of app_user and form_name  to oracle form.
      Is there any easy method ??  ( APEX 4.2 and Oracle Forms 11g Weblogic Server)


      I would also like to know that is it possible in Oracle Forms  to set the value of item by calling form URL as ORACLE APEX allows

      Setting My_item to 1234




      I found one solution that says


      To get the value of the outside field and assign it to the inside field, you could write the following PL/SQL code:

      :inside:=web.javascript_eval_function(' document.getElementById("outside_field_id").value ');


      but need to know where to put that code ? Cant I put this to Form New Instance and when a new form starts value is set  or this can be add only to custom javascript event???


      One thing more while iframe showing form screens,it is sometimes showing old screens don't weather coming from cache or not but they are not refreshinng ....