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    XML Publisher report ends in Warning with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError



      We are modifying the standard report Account Analysis Report (in Subledger Accounting) to create a custom report.

      When run wide open, it is ending in Warning with the error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError in OPP Log.

      We are on EBS 12.1.3. DB and XML Publisher 5.6.3


      We have set the below parameters in the data definition:


      Use XML Publishers XSLT processor: True

      Enable Scalable feature of XSLT processor: True

      Enable XSLT Runtime optimization: True


      Also we have added these to the Data template:

        <property name="db_fetch_size" value="20" />

        <property name="scalable_mode" value="on" />


      On the concurrent program, we have this option set:

      -ms1024m -mx2048m


      Still, the program is ending in Warning and not producing output. Any pointers here?

      We can also see that the Temporary Directory is not able to be set on the data definition. Why is this?

      After setting the Temporary Directory from Administration page, we were able to set the temporary directory for this data definition, but that did not solve the iseue.